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Local Internet Marketing

Local businesses face the complex struggle of getting their business found by potential customers. Revved Business makes the process of getting your local business listed and found in directories and search engines a snap. With local internet marketing, your business can be listed and found by customers in the primary business directories where your potential customers are searching.

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Local Business Mobile Apps

With the growing increase in smartphones and data-connected tablets, more consumers are looking to access business information and online stores with their mobile devices. Getting your business a mobile app has grown to a “must have,” just like a web site. Revved Business can build a mobile app for your business that will reach your customers on Apple iPhones and iPads and Android phones and tablets they are using.

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Local Business Videos

Does your business have a video for your customers to view? Video is the most effective means to help your business reach your potential customers. Business videos have the potential to help take your small or medium business to the next level in the eyes of customers. A business video will provide your business with credibility and help with your business directory listings. Customers will watch a short video.

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Confused About Local Internet Marketing?

We take the confusion out of local internet marketing with your business. Revved Business is not your normal local internet marketing consulting company. We don’t blow sunshine up your rear, spend hours trying to write out your mission statement that no one cares about or charging you to use an outdated PowerPoint template to bore you to death in state of your business meeting. If you are looking for that kind of company, we’re not it. We deliver results for our clients… We spend some time gathering a little info and we’ll see if we are a good fit.

Meaning, we don’t party with just anyone ya know. We are selective about the clients we work with, and you should be too! So if you are hankering for a remarkable local internet marketing consultant, give us a call or use our contact form to reach out. If you are a hipster on social media, well, you probably already figured out how to hit us up. Cheers!

9 Out Of 10 Of Our Clients Love Us, 1 Out Of 10 Really Like Us

Revved Business was our go-to company to get our limo website launched and listed to be found on local business sites. Shane got the site optimized and submitted our business listing to so many directory listings. We were impressed how quickly our business listings started showing up and the phone started ringing! Revved is the real deal… – San Antonio Top Limo


I am so glad that I chose Shane to help me with my business’ marketing, he was patient and generous as we tried to get our heads around his excellent marketing thinking. We are still working with him and glad to have him. Our business has doubled since we engaged him in 2013. – Jim Nelson, President, SHI Group China

Shane has literally transformed my web presence with his website expertise. He has done a fantastic job for my local business marketing. He has an artistic eye and technical skill which is hard to find in the same person these day’s with internet work. I freely recommenced him to my colleagues and friends for any website work needed. – Dan Foss, Pura Vida Chiropractic

You know how it is always difficult to find someone that ‘gets’ the point of something that is difficult to articulate? Shane was able to grasp the essence of what I saw in my mind’s eye and put it on paper….or, well, the web. I could not be more satisfied, and WILL be sending referrals for local business marketing. – Patty Lee, Moringa San Antonio

Our organization, Mental Health Grace Alliance, was looking to improve our website layout and overall performance. Shane Petty who owns and operates Revved Business was our choice and we were blown away with what they provided us. 

Revved began by giving us a professional analysis of our previous site’s functionality and presented how Revved would address all the issues and more… improving our SEO and web performance. Shane has extensive expertise and knowledge…he explained the “what” and “why” to the service we were receiving…no more trying to understand “support pages.” We got a design we love and saw results within days on key search phrases…we didn’t have any of this before. Revved is extremely professional and personable and worked to our specific needs. We found a new and secure home for our website needs and service. We highly recommend Revved! – Joe Padilla, CEO/Founder, Mental Health Grace Alliance

I opened up my own Water Conditioning Business in 2011. As with most start up businesses, I needed to get it on the web asap and get my local business marketing going! Shane Petty met with me and right away went to work on design, text and implementation of our site. I know the Water Conditioning & Plumbing business very well but setting up a web site was not my forte… He managed the project from start to finish and still continues to keep it fresh during our ever changing times! I would highly recommend Shane for your web design and local business marketing needs. – Jim Morey, Owner, H2O Pros

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